Train journey – A simply sweet one


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October 2009, after a long time I went to meet my mother. I was not in a mood to go to her due to all the old arguments but still I did as my brother was waiting for me. I always think for him as I know what loneliness means particularly in childhood. I went there for few days and was returning back via train.

Taj Express, I hated that train as it always made me late and Tired but that time it was the only option to return. I started my journey all alone and was thinking: “Ahhh …. 5 hours journey and that too in this train, it’s going to be 7-8 hours for sure. I had my window seat and the train left the station exact at 05.30 P.M. I took out my hands-free and started listening to songs from my phone.

After 5 minutes, two sweet children came to be seated next to my seat. I was still listening to songs with my eyes closed, and one hand to the window pane.    Cool breeze was forcing my hairs to hide my face in them. I had to stop listening to music as one of the child who was a girl… Aditi called me and said: “Didi, which song are you listening to?”

I asked:” Do you want to listen to it?”

Aditi:” Yes, I want to.

To which Aditi’s mother said: “Don’t disturb her, else I will……

I interrupted her between and said:” Pls, don’t …… let her listen to it, I have no problem at all…”

Hearing me said this to her mother Aditi had a very pleasant smile on her face to which I also responded the same way and she happily listened to songs sitting next to me, putting her head on to my lap.

After some time her brother Aditya also asked me to let him also listen to songs.

He sweetly said to me:” I will also listen to it… and started pinching Aditi.

Aditi started complaining to me.

We decided that both of them will listen to the songs in turns.

I had to sit in the middle seat and both of them on my both sides. All the passengers in the train were just noticing us as both of them were making so much of noise. I was smiling to the reaction of both of them as they were singing the songs loudly while listening. Ahhh it was a sweet moment but I was missing my brother during that whole time period which I spent with them. I left him crying on the station while boarding the train.

After few hours, it was time for Aditi and Aditya to leave. Train reached their destination station – Mathura. Aditi and Aditya both kissed me Goodbye and left. Aditi turned once again and waved her hands to me, I smiled and said Goodbye.

Again, I closed my eyes and started listening to songs. I was disturbed by some rush which boarded the train from Mathura. The seats next to me were vacant now. I watched out and saw the full moon with clouds surrounding it, It was a great moment to feel …….. I heard someone behind me singing an old Hindi song… It was nice song and his voice was also not bad.

After some time the same guy came to me and asked pointing to the seat next to me:” Can I sit here?”

I said:” Of course”

He sat next to me and I was again busy watching out of the window. My hands were on the window pane.

He wanted to talk to me and to start a conversation he asked pointing to my hands:” What’s this black thread on your hand?”

I replied:” It’s tied by my grandmother”.

He said:” I never saw anyone tying the black thread on hands, I saw it mostly tied on legs”

I replied: “Yes, but as it is from temple so we don’t tie on leg”

He said:”OK”

By the way, my name is Navdeep, Navdeep Shukla. And yours?”

I smiled thinking that just to ask this question he had to start with the thread on my hand. Ahhh I can never understand these guys…. Might be they also think the same way that they can never understand a girl 🙂

I replied:”Rekha Nair”

Navdeep:”So going to Delhi?”

“You are working or a student?”

I replied:” I am working but not in Delhi, in Noida.”

Navdeep:”Ohk, in BPO?”

I said: “No, in KPO?”

Navdeep: “Cool…. How long?”

I said: “Almost more than 4 years”

Navdeep: “I guess you are joking.

If you don’t mind, How old are you?”

I replied with a smile:” Don’t you know that you should not ask age to a girl, anyways, I will complete 25 this December.”

Hearing this he started to laugh aloud and after sometime he said:” Am I a fool to believe this? you can’t be 25 years old.”

I replied:” You asked me and I replied now it’s up to you to believe it or not.”

He said:” Are you sure?

Yes why will you lie to me, but you don’t seem to be.”

I replied:” Sometimes things are not the same as they seem to be.”

Navdeep:” I liked your attitude”


As am always ready to accept anyone to my life, I did accept his friendship. He said that he was noticing me since we started our journey. He also boarded the same station from where I did. He said that he thought that those children were with me.

We both noticed that the train arrived at our destination. And all of a sudden he said:” Its time to leave, but I wish we could have met earlier.”

I thought:” Everyone says the same thing when they meet me but never think at least once before leaving me forever…Leaving our friendship to the destiny I said:” Goodbye Navdeep, hope will be in touch.”

Since then we were friends for few years, we used to miss each other, sometimes described it in words and let the other know but sometimes we keep it just in a smile. We met late in the train’s journey but were together when it was complete and I hoped the same for our life. No matter when he entered in my life or how, all that mattered to me was how long he was there as a Friend.

I preserve all the memories in me and it will remain the same till my last breath. I thank everyone who was, is and will be a part of my life as when you are in my life you make my life beautiful with sweet moments which turns into memories when you leave…

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