The unknown

The Unknown

The Unknown


The above image is created on ms paint by me when I wrote the below story.

Days of winter, climate was not so pleasant but still it was not the worst. Sunshine was rare to be seen but people searching for it could find it on the other people’s doorsteps. My neighbors’ doorstep was the place of public meeting for some boys.

One fine day, I was standing at the doorstep with my younger brother Aks, a stranger guy was staring at me. I ignored…and was busy with Aks once again. My brother asked me to sit with him and play but I was feeling uncomfortable as I knew that, the guy was still staring at me still I couldn’t refuse my brother and  I sat with him. There were few more boys sitting and they started passing comments when they saw me sitting. I don’t know how but that Guy found me uncomfortable and took those boys along with him, away from my house. I was relaxed and continued playing with my brother.

After that day, I started noticing that He was always found sitting in front of my house, smoking all alone and staring at me. He knew the time I went on the terrace or to pick my brother from school. I tried to ignore still I did noticed him. Sometimes he gave a sweet smile to which I turn my face away, very rudely.

Once my brother came to me from a shop and innocently told me” The guy sitting at the shop gave me chocolates for telling him your and my name.”

I was out of temper when I heard it, but controlled as I knew that my brother was so innocent to understand what was wrong?

I went to the shop and found that guy sitting and smiling at me as if he was expecting me to be there. He wished me very politely: “Hello, mam”, and all my anger vanished and I forgot the reason of being there. I hesitated to reply but I did with a smile: “Hi” and then returned back home.

Same day, in the evening I was with my mother and Aks in the house, busy working. We heard a noise outside our house and went to know what happened. I was surprised to see that the same Guy and my father were arguing on something. Reason was something between them, which we didn’t knew. My mother pushed me inside and asked not to be out and she herself went to them. My father asked her to be back home after some argument and she did.  But the issue was so serious that, the Guy took out a knife.

I was afraid, I went to them. Seeing me there he looked into my eyes, he was shaking with anger,  all I could say to him was “Please” and he did think anything after that. He left the place without saying a word and my father kept shouting at him from back. I don’t know what the reason was but whatever it was, he kept my words and I admire him for that. The fact is that  I don’t even know his name till date but whenever I go to that place of our meeting, my eyes search him just to say one word” Thanks”.

Sometimes in life we meet some people, share some moments and leave them, without making a particular relation but it doesn’t matter as such people always remain in our life, as some sweet memories