The silent storm continues

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Story continues —


Pen – Paper – Pencil drawing by me


That feeling was like – “Someone is there for me, I am not alone and there was a smile on my face along with tears rolling down cheeks like rain in sunny day ”

I had a feeling that it is raining as my hair went wet. I couldn’t figure it out so quick that Soul was also crying along with me. He had my tears in his eyes too. I suddenly pushed myself apart him and tried to wipe his tears but he said:

Soul – “No dear, let it flow, there was no one to wipe your tears, I want the same for me.”

Me – “But it is not your fault, Soul. You were not with me that time, it is a long time back.”

Soul – “So do you still love Moody? Were you taking this step for him? ”

Me – “No, not at all, he has been always my past and I never did think about him after that day. He really didn’t deserve me at all.”

Soul – “Then what is the problem, why were you doing this?”

Me – “My story is still not over, Soul”.

Soul – “Please let me hear it all.”

Me – “Sure”

I continued – “Even if I managed to make myself understand that he really didn’t deserved me, I was fully shattered. It was like as I forgot to smile and was always alone even if it was crowd all around.”

I tried calling my friends who were around me all the time but they were busy with their own life and didn’t wanted me to bother them.

That time feeling was like “I don’t want anyone to be in my life, I will never call these guys.”

I never called them again and returned back to my normal life. I was busy with my job and living life for my parents.

I always believed that “Love happens only once and I decided that I will never love anyone else.”

But again life had something else planned for me this time too. After 2 years everything was normal for me as nothing ever happened.

I used to be online on social media websites and joined some groups related to art. One day I suddenly received a chat message when I was online.

The message was from some guys name Smarty.

Message said –  ” Hey beautiful, do you remember me?”

I surprisingly asked – “No, who is this?”

He wrote – “This is smarty, your friend’s friend, lol”

I asked rudely – “What is there to laugh out loud in this? It was not at all funny.”

He replied – “Is it so? Why are you so rude and annoyed? Chill dear!!

I messaged back – “I am not interested in a conversation with you anyways and it is none of your business.” Bye

He wrote again – “OK bye”

“But will you be here tomorrow too?”

I didn’t reply

He again messaged – ” hellllllllo, you there?”

I ignored

He message again – ” Hi, I know you are there and your fingers want to type a reply back for me”

I blasted in anger and typed  – “You are mistaken sir, I am not interested to reply your messages.”

“I am going and will not be here anymore. Thank you and bye.”

I quit the social networking site and decided not to login again ever.

It was almost 10 in night. I switched off my laptop , kept it on my desk. I saw my mom entering my room, she said “Go to bed, you have office tomorrow, else you will not wake up early.”

I replied – “Yes, I was going to sleep, Good night.”

Mom replied – “Good night.”

Next morning, I went to office as usual. Whole day only one thing was in my mind “Who was that guy and do I know him?”

I tried to ignore but it was in my mind, continuously making me restless and  I was trying to figure out the answer.

I reached home after office in evening, had tea and wanted to switch on my laptop. I convinced myself from not being online on social media website.

I helped my mom in house hold work but still my eyes and mind were on laptop although I didn’t wanted to be online.

We had dinner together, my dad cracked few jokes at the dinning table and it was a normal day as always but still something was different.

I bid my dad and mom Good night. Mom advised – “Don’t be online on laptop for long, go and sleep early.”

I said – “Sure, I may not use laptop today, not in a mood and feeling sleepy as well.”

Dad smiled and said – “OK, that is good after all, have a good sleep, Good night.”

I smiled back and replied – “Good night”

I went to my room, decided not to touch laptop today and to lie-down on bed till I feel asleep. I kept on changing my positions but didn’t sleep.

I stood up from my bed and sat on the chair near my table, decided to read something. Took a book, tried to read but it was not so interesting. Again and again, I was looking at my laptop as if I wanted to switch it on and be online.

I was thinking – “That guy won’t be there but even if he will be online why should I be bothered.”

“Should I go online?”

All of a sudden I was in real world and realized that it is just a story for me now which I was telling my friend.

Looked at Soul for a moment and he was eagerly listening to me without blinking his eyes. When I stopped and continued watching him, he asked – “Did you go online then?”

“Was he online? Did he message again?

“What is next?”

I smiled and said –


………………To be continued …………………………..

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