Not Alone

Not alone

Not alone

Image created on MS Paint by me

From the time when I was born,
I feel that I am not alone.
My grandparents have already gone,
still I feel not alone.

I used to cry, when there was no one around,
but still I felt that I was always bound.
My tears didn’t fall on the ground,
Felt like some one held them in the hand.

When I laughed, someone laughed with me,
Feels like someone is happy for me.
I forget all sorrows and there is a big smile,
All the odd times remains for a while.

One day, to see who is there with me,
I stood in front of mirror and stared at thee.
But I saw no one other than me, and realized
I didn’t feel I was alone
Due to the happiness, inside.

I am not alone;
my life is more than a heaven.

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