About me – Hi friends, my name is Rekha Nair. Writing and painting are my passion.

About life and some of my views are below:

It has been said that the Life is the most beautiful gift from God. It is true. I won’t say that I am a poet or a painter but yes i love to be both. It keeps me happy.

Lets start …..

Step by step learning is what is achieved from Life. No one can be the best teacher as Life. It makes you fall and then again holds your hand to make you learn to walk through the toughest situation. Understanding in the value of relations is the fruit of loneliness. That is what I have experienced. Every phase of life has two main aspects, the negative and the positive but it is about how you take it in.

It’s in the human head; it will prefer what is asked not to be done. Else the world would have been something different. It gave a start when Adam and Eve ate the fruit which God asked not to. It is still the same, the human brain feels uneasy when asked something not to be done and takes the next step without thinking.

The fruit of impatience and emotions also flows with intelligence, strength and abilities. Being aware that every individual has the own way of thinking and living its own life, each and every one still try to implement the own on others. Be it as parents, grand-parents or children we try to force the other to think or act the way we want to. Here is where we are wrong. It is one of the most important aspects of life, the patience to listen, understand and act for others in the same way you do for yourself. In an effort to make others act as you do, you may be making a big difference between the relations you love to live with. You may be creating the boundaries between yourself. You may be bounded by the relations and not living them.

There is not so much difference between your parents and God. God has the ability to create and destroy and so does parents. They give birth, mold and even have the ability to destroy it. If God don’t listen to you, he is not blamed but if your parents miss something by mistake, you are the one to blame them first. Don’t they have the right to give you an advice when they have created you as what you are?

I have also made many mistakes but what matters is: – to admit it. I was many times unfair in life, for myself. Sometimes I felt bad for what I did but what you cannot change is the past and what you learned is your present. To spend the life according to what you have learned should be your future. Whenever I sit down and think about my past experiences I have a sort of mixed emotions. I miss some of those days and would like to live them again. I would like to praise everyone who was involved in all those sweet memories, including my parents. No matter that I hesitate to say what I feel, they are my parents and that is enough for me.

Words are less to describe God and parents so I will not try to do so. One holds my life and other holds my destiny. In the name of both I am giving a start without knowing the end of it.

It is really very important in one’s life to know yourself. Sometimes it seems like others know you better than yourself that what you are, what your dreams are and what all are your abilities. About myself, am a girl who dreams a lot. I mostly live in a world of imagination. Sometimes I do think that the world might have been more beautiful if it was same as my imaginations.

Cactus flowers, looks beautiful on the cactus same as Smile looks beautiful on our face. The flower I love the most because it grows between lots of thorns still looking beautiful and smiling ever. Same way we should always SMILE in life.

Rekha Nair (Ray /Raykha)