My fear as a woman

Many of the Authors dedicate everything written by them to those who inspired them to do so. They express their gratitude to those who taught them to be what they are but I have no idea about what I should write to express my gratitude and towards whom. Some times my eyes are full of tears and the pain which arose in my mind, become the form of words and they become the way of expressing my feelings.

The pain sometimes grips my heart and I feel like I am alone. The feeling of loneliness is what I fear of, in my life. One of the biggest fear which I have is that,” is there anyone who can understand me in a better way?” Everyone seems to be running for the beauty or the figure what a woman carries, loves the way she dresses. Can’t the perfect beauty be wrapped in bad clothing if a diamond can be found in coal? No one try to see the beauty which can only be seen in her eyes, which can be called the doorway to her heart and a place where the love resides. No one loves the beauty of her soul where her true beauty reflects. The care and love which she provides, the passion that she shows everything grows as the year passes but is there anyone who has patience to give her this much time? A woman has the power to create and destroy. She gives birth to a new life, molds it and makes it perfect to struggle in a place known as Life. She has the patience to bear everything same as the earth has carrying all the good and evil on it without any complaint. But when she is impatient she can create the same disaster as the nature creates.

She knows the Tit for Tat rule, but still she loves them even if she is hated. Women are made to love and to be loved……..they are loved as well but sometimes not valued. They have to search their values. In today’s world Diamonds are more valuable than Women for everyone. Both are same, diamonds are hidden in Coal and women in this cruel and evil world. Difference is that there are many to value diamonds but not women. Diamonds are made for women but for what are women created?