Mother -True Creator

Mother - True creator

Mother – True creator

Drawing on paper with pencil

Mother, she is responsible for my existence as well as the whole world. Mother is someone sweetest and delicate among all. She is mature enough but still she reacts as a kid at times. She can never be known as a past as she is responsible for our future. The greatest gift from Mother is: Life, which can never be repaid. She teaches us and nurtures us perfectly with her tender care. Her deep warm hug makes us strong enough and provides us a feeling of relaxation. In love she sets you free but when she thinks you are out of her reach she becomes restless. She is aware of each and every movement made by us even during her sleep. Sleeping on flowers also can’t be as relaxing as mother’s lap.

A mother’s love is something which no one can understand or explain in a right way. Mothers’ love is full of endless devotion, pain, sacrifice and patience. She is the only one who is standby. When all others are forsaking, she is the only one for you. She is selfless and takes care of us even though her heart is breaking due to any of our bad behavior. Mother’s love defies all explanation and is far beyond defining. She can never be understood by any man on this earth.

She is the greatest evidence of God’s tender guiding hand.

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