What is Love?



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Love, I don’t know what is it for everyone. As per me, it’s easy to live Love rather than defining it in words.

Love consists of affection, emotions and sentiments. Sometimes it is a feeling with a strong connection for someone who you admire. Some relations last long due to their devotion and dedication with the whole affection and tenderness shown to each other.

Love is taking care of someone with lots and lots of patience. There is no existence of pride in front of someone’s love as Love is the only feeling to be proud of, in life. The more the people love you , the more valuable you are.

Money is not everything in life. Some people run after money with the thinking that if they have money they can achieve everything. In the race of making money, some good relations are left behind. In other words, In search of the best, something good is lost.

But love is not what you can just say and it happens. It doesn’t come by saying few words; it is what you feel from the heart. It is unconditional sharing, believing and dreaming with undying devotion for each other.

Love teaches you to inspire, understand and forgive which makes you complete in every sense. Love makes you strong for others but love becomes your weakness. Love in its best way, which can be called the purest and truest form is very hard to find but if it is found then no one else is as lucky as you are. It doesn’t track the wrong done by you but never forgets the right things by you. It needs commitment from you but never commits that whatever you will get will be the best. It gives you a difficult path to go on with a stranger, all you have is something called Hope and Love.

Failure or Success is in your own hands. I really value all the relations in my life, in fact I love them all. I have created a lovely world for myself and when I feel alone, it just covers me up and hides me inside.

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