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Life is not smooth as it seems to be. It’s sometimes as bitter as we never expected it to be. Sometimes friends come out to be the biggest enemy for us. Some words feel same ruthless as a sword. It pains a lot but very difficult to be expressed.

There seems to be a competition, a race to leave someone or the other behind. Everyone is busy to make each and every expectation to the reality.  It becomes hard to decide the right and wrong, as at times, the right for you isn’t same for the other. Life isn’t as charming as we wish it to be. Some times loneliness becomes the companion but life is a journey to the unseen destiny. We never know where to go; we just follow to the path where we wish to get something best. Everyone wishes for the best for themselves. Luxurious life is everyone’s dream; some value their relationships and for some money becomes valuable.  But still the aim for all is one, just to cross the unseen destiny and to say that am satisfied with what I have, a very difficult task, as no one is or will be satisfied with what they have. The one having money wanders in search of Love and the one, who is blessed with Love, seems to be in a race of money.

For me, what matters are the relationships and Love I have in my life as it’s very easy to make money. You will be getting several ways to make it but as far as relationships are concerned, sometimes it takes your whole life to get an everlasting relationship. It takes lots of patience, understanding, faith, care and sincerity towards it to be maintained.

Love travels with you without money but without Love, money stands nowhere. Love is complete by its own existence.

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