Journey of Stranger to a friend

stranger to frnds

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A girl with dusky complexion, big and shinning eyes, curly hair and a sweet smile. She was someone who shared every moment of her life to me. She was my best buddy, Dippanita. I will start with the day when we met, first. It was the time of winter season and we were in class 11th. My first day to physics tuition, I woke up early at 4.00 am, as I had to reach the class exact at 05.00am. That was my first tuition class in my whole school time, so was little nervous. I had a bath, took my books and left for the class. There was a smooth and moist breeze blown through my wet hairs. It felt like someone invisible touched me and was trying to stop me from leaving.
It took approximately 5 minutes to reach to Mr. Rawat’s physics tuition class. Mr. Rawat, a very strict teacher and a wonderful person. His rule for every student was same; he was admired by everyone.
When I reached the class, Dippanita and Mr. Rawat were talking to each other; it was just an introduction going on between them as dippanita was not from our school like others. She was the only outsider in our class. Mr. Rawat asked me to sit and wait for other students and let him know once they are in. After that, he left me and dippanita alone and went upstairs.

I was watching him going upstairs. There was a long silence after he went upstairs. Then I heard a sweet voice saying:” Hi, My name is dippanita Bera, but you can call me Dipa and yours?” I was a very shy girl and was afraid of talking to anyone, especially to strangers. Still I answered her:” I am Rekha…. Rekha Nair”.

Dipa: “You are a south Indian; I love south Indians a lot”

Me: “OK”

Dipa: “Why don’t you talk much?”

Me: “I don’t know”

Dipa: “Then who knows?”

Me: “Do you know why you talk this much?”

Dipa: “No, but am impressed by your reply”


After this I was quiet, some time later I turned to her and saw her bright eyes with the same question,

I replied: “I need some time, don’t mind”

Dipa: “Not at all, I know it may be difficult for you to be a friend of a stranger, but no problem I will come and pick you up from your home everyday for the tuition and drop you home as well. This way you will know me better and we will be friends, soon.”

I was so impressed by her eagerness to make me her friend but I had no words to reply her on this , so I just smiled.

Some time later, everyone was there. Class started, after 2 hour the class was dismissed and dipa started her duty to drop me home. We were totally opposite to each other; I never spoke a word without any question by someone and she didn’t required questions to speak.

We shared a very short time period together but each and every moment, which we shared, were really awesome. Some people can never be missed as you can never forget them and same goes for her.  She was one of my best buddies. We shared the best part of school time fun with each other, we bunked classes, tuition, shared our crush on neighborhood guys 😉 memories which creates a million dollar smile on face 😀

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