I Wish…

My wish...

My wish…

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I wish to start my life, once again. From the day I was born, I want to start it from there. I want my mother laughing and playing with me. I want my childhood to be as innocent as other children. I wish my mother waiting for me at the doorsteps when I am back from school. I want myself to feel relaxed and sleep on my mother’s lap.

I wish to live my life as I never did ….. Am not asking for more in life…just a little is enough. My mother’s time and love, my father’s arms to stop me from falling down….. I miss all those which was always missed out in life.

Destiny is the word all I could say to myself just to be satisfied of what I have in life. I always tell my heart, one day everything will be perfect. But when will that day come, half of my age has been passed. Those days will never come back for me and am no more waiting for the perfect day to come.

But it doesn’t mean that I lost all hope.  I am afraid as if I could be able to do justice with myself or not but I will try to do the best from my side.

I am the same what I was ever and will remain the same as long as I am alive. All what changed are circumstances and the people around me. Some are still with me as my dear ones, some left as we never met and some are still with me as unknown relation for me.

The relations provided to me by birth became strangers and left me; some became a part of my life and left away with some sweet memories. Some became the dear most among them and are still with me.

Still I wish to start Once again……

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