Goodbye letter – a new start in life!!

Goodbye or a new start

Goodbye or a new start

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It is said that broken relations could never be healed but it is wrong.

One girl who was so moody that she used to make relations and broke of when she was upset. Once, she became apart from her boyfriend, without any reason. The stupid fellow who loved her so much kept hoping that she will turn back to him and everything will be fine again.But she was not interested and she stood tough and didn’t make a turned back for a makeover.

After a couple of weeks, the guy was busy with his work and the girl with her life and responsibilities. But both of them still kept talking to each other over the phone, not regularly but yes occasionally. The guy had a hope in his mind to get together with her in future although she never spoke about their past relation after breaking up.One day, the girl sent a message to the guy not to make any calls to her as it was affecting her life a lot and the guy agreed to it. But as he wasn’t able to leave her without saying the last word – goodbye, he planned to write a goodbye letter, with love.

He still had the hope that after reading the letter might be she will be aware of the love he had for her and will come back.

Dear love,

Remember the day when I took you to meet my family, all what I had to say as mine. I was so rejoiced thinking that you will also be a part of it but you made everything apart from you, even me. I never used to care for anyone, I was hard like a stone to prevent myself but you passed emotions in me as water in the stone. You turned me softer enough to be hurt and you yourself hurt me more than anyone else can.

You came forward and assured me that all what you need from me is love for a lifetime but you took my life away from me. If you dare to say that again you will only get an unending hug and a shoulder wet from my tears.

Your decisions about the relationship have troubled me enough. I trust you and you for sure are a good person according to me. I also know that you are hurt enough by the unresolved sorrows in your life. I am sorry that my love wasn’t enough to heal your wounded heart.

I mailed you my feeling through email, I know you read them but they didn’t reach your heart so that you can reply them. It was very disheartening to be pushed out of your life like this just because you have a bounded relation; I was accepting myself to be more than this in your life.

It is time to say goodbye to you. Whatever happened, whatever you did doesn’t matters to me, and you will be what you were when you were with me- My fairy princess. You are the only one who grabbed, embraced and broke my love as no one did. My heart was never satisfied unless I could hold your hands, watch your shining eyes and the smile you had on your face but you made my life worthless by taking all these away from me, forever.

Good bye, my smiling fairy princess, goodbye. I will not say it is forever as I still hope that doors to my life are not closed for you, you will always find me in the way, standing to welcome you back. If you feel I ever loved you by heart, I expect 2 minutes from your precious life, I hope you don’t mind. I need those 2 minutes for my sake . . . . .

Good bye,

Sometime who was only yours

Your love

After receiving this letter through email, the girl called him up and asked to meet. They met at the dinner had a silent walk for sometime, and then the girl broke the silence by saying. . . . You know what?  I wished to leave you but I couldn’t. You saved me from losing a diamond from my life, thanks!!

She gave a warm hug to him and asked:” will you marry me? I am tired of all bounded relations in life, will you give me your shoulder to relax. I went away from you as I felt am not right for you, I didn’t knew I complete you as a person, welcome me back for my sake”

The boy was glad to hear that. His goodbye letter became a new start to his life. He walked away holding her hand so tight, as much as he could without hurting her.


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