I am a dog lover. I believe that God created Dogs just to love and care. They don’t have anything important and valuable than your time , attention and care. They will love you more than you do or even u could ever. They care for you so much that they can smell you from miles. They will wait for you to be back home, they just want to be pampered. For them all “YOU” are Life, they don’t want water, food or fun if you are not near. But all these things applies only if you even try to love them as your companion. You cannot expect anyone be it animal or human to love you without trying it from your end, but still if you just look at them once they are yours forever.


I have been with few dogs but due to some or other issue I couldn’t have them for long. Childhood was spend with “Jimmy” my first Lab. I was so young that he was the one who love and took care of me but few things I still remember about him.

Later I brought home “Lucy”, she was naughty and was with me for just one year. She was not well and died.

Again, I had “Truffy” but unfortunately he met with an accident and died.


I thought am not lucky enough to own a dog and keep it for long. But the beautiful lady “Princess” made my thought to be wrong. After having her in life I came to know that it is not about owning a dog, it is to have them in life, spend time with them, play with them. They are more than just a creature. They are made to be loved and care.

I created this page in my blog as biggest part of my life is spent with her, you can say more than anything. Someone I am afraid to loose is “Princess”. This way I can share few moments with the Dog lovers out there. Stay tuned


Lets start with Baby Princess

Nothing seems pleasant and Babies look cute while sleeping, doesn’t matters whose. My sweetheart sleeping