Come back soon Lucie

My baby girl , Lucie….passed away yesterday, October 06th 2017 at 10.00 pm IST.

She was a fighter and we were together fighting with the viral fever effect she had since 6 days. She lost her strength yesterday night and took the last breathe in my arms. While bidding good bye to me, she still had a hope in her eyes to stay alive.

That Hope makes me feel as she asked me to wait for her come back.

That hope, didn’t stop my tears yet and I will never be able to stop them in my life. She was not “just a life” but Lucie was “a part of my life” ripped apart from me.

I won’t allow her to rest in peace away from me, she has to come back and meet me again. She left this hope and few good memories to us!!

Come back soon Lucie, I will be waiting forever!!


Born – 01 March 2017
Died – 06th October 2017

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